Cedar Roofing Maintenance Tips

Cedar Roofing Maintenance Tips

Cedar shake roofing is one of the most beautiful roofing options available today, but it requires a lot of maintenance. Conducting regular inspections and having a capable roofing contractor perform timely repairs helps ensure your roof will remain beautiful and functional for decades. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Cedar Roofing Maintenance Tips

Perform Regular Inspections

You should perform inspections on your cedar shake roof at least every six months. You can do this from the ground; just take a pair of binoculars and visually inspect your roof. Check the roof edges and areas where flashing is installed, such as valleys, protrusions and where the roof meets a wall or dormer. Clean the roof (or have it professionally cleaned), as moisture can collect under debris on your roof and harm the cedar shakes.

Prepare for Winter

Make sure any issue with your roof is addressed by your trusted roofing company before winter comes. Loose or missing cedar shakes can allow ice to collect on the exposed underlayment, which can lead to moisture intrusion when it thaws or if the roof temperature rises above freezing. You also need to address attic insulation issues. In addition to preventing ice dam formation, a well-insulated attic also prevents warping, as the cedar won’t be exposed to different temperatures on either side.

TIP: Clean Mold, Lichens and Moss

If you notice dark stains on the roof, don’t ignore them. While mold, lichens and moss are harmless (but still unsightly) on asphalt shingles, they’re harmful to cedar roofing. Several commercial chemical products can kill these growths, but always ask your roofing contractor if they have any recommendations. A three-parts-to-one water and bleach mixture can also be used, but be careful to protect the areas around the roof, as it can kill surrounding landscaping.

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